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PRODAT Informatik GmbH (briefly PRODAT)

PRODAT is a full system provider for the sectors of measurement technology and industrial automation, currently but not necessarily with an emphasis on railway technology. If required know-how in engineering and construction, electronic design and software development is available in house. Engineering and consulting services cover areas of test and development engineering. A brief overview over the current range of products and services is given in the following.

News: Competence in research and development - the R&D project PRIMA in the company Revier (funded by BMWK)

Logo-Unternehmen-Revier Logo WildauSince 2017, the "Unternehmen Revier" model project has been actively shaping structural change in the lignite regions of the Lusatian coalfield, the Central German coalfield, the Rhenish coalfield and the Helmstedt coalfield. The project aims to directly involve local stakeholders and their ideas in order to jointly shape structural change. To this end, the districts are holding idea and project competitions in which people, companies and initiatives from the region can participate with their proposals. In cooperation with the TH Wildau, PRODAT was able to place a cooperation project - the R&D project PRIMA.
PRODAT visiting university workshop TH Wildaumore

News: Competence in Research & Development - the R&D project I-Detekt

IDETEKT Logo des BMWKsFor the energy transition to succeed in the long term, it is crucial to gradually electrify the transport sector. One of the biggest obstacles is currently the comparatively short range of electric vehicles. Lightweight construction offers considerable potential here, as it can help to reduce the moving masses and thus increase the vehicle range. In the I-Detekt project, the project partners want to develop an intelligent battery protection system for electric vehicles that automatically recognises damage to the battery protection structure, but also to the battery itself. Background: The battery protection structure of an electric vehicle is located underneath the traction battery and protects it from mechanical loads such as stones thrown up from the road. Up to now, it has usually been made of thick-walled aluminium, steel or titanium and is therefore heavy and expensive. In addition, there is currently no way of automatically determining the extent of damage after a mechanical load without removing components, meaning that a visit to the workshop and possibly replacement of the entire structure may be necessary even on mere suspicion. The project aims to develop a battery protection structure made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic with integrated sensors. The latter should automatically recognise and classify relevant damage. Thanks to the lower component weight, this means that both production and maintenance costs can be minimised.

bogie testing plants - PRODAT DG

Teil eines DrehgestellprüfstandsDerailing safety, riding quality, wear-and-tear behavior...

.. are primarily determined by wheel-load differences on the vehicle and the bogies. For being able to meet tolerance requirements set forth in the regulations for wheel load differences for the whole vehicle, it is first necessary to check the bogies for minimal wheel load differences and eliminate impermissible deviations by adjustment of the spring pre stressing ...

stationary wheel load measurement systems - PRODAT RKM

stationary wheel load measurementThe system PRODAT RKM consists of three different models to statically and dynamically measure wheel and axle loads. PRODAT as an independent supplier of complete system solutions is able to cover every aspect of the project from A to Z.. The construction deserves special attention because in difference to other systems there are just minor interventions at the rail track necessary whereas the system features high accuracy/precision and small dimensions ...

mobile wheel load measurement systems - PRODAT RKM-M (mobile)

PRODAT RKM-M mobile wheel load measurement systemThe mobile wheel load measurement system PRODAT RKM mobile was developed for static measurements at rail cars. In difference the PRODATs stationary plants the mobile system combines requirements of mobility, accuracy and norms as well as standards (e.g. DIN/EN) our mobile solution is made for out of house control and adjustment measurements ...

conveyer belt scales - PRODAT BW

Stationäre RadlastmessungConveyer belt scales PRODAT BW, operated in several brown coal opencast mining facilities throughout Germany, can be installed at any position in horizontal and sloping conveyer belts in addition is a modernization of existing facilities possible. The advantages of the belt scales PRODAT BW are their simple construction and easy installation possibilities. The system is very robust and has no parts that can wear out. Therefore, maintenance work is reduced to visual and checking controls ...

sensor networks (wirebased/wireless/mixed) - PRODAT SENET

Stationäre RadlastmessungAs a supplier of fully automated measurement systems PRODAT can use its experience also in the realization of application specific sensor networks. Work proof is PRODATs ZK1000 monitoring the canal bridge at the waterway junction Magdeburg. A large number of critical values (temperature, force, glide and tip gap, ...) is monitored and continuously collected...

wheel load gauging - PRODAT CE

Stationäre RadlastmessungPRODAT, participating in a long-standing foreign joint venture, offers rail scale systems labeled PRODAT CE. These scales are suited for determination of weight in railway good transportation. The series PRODAT CE is certified according to OIML R 106 and OIML class III. PRODAT covers all possible application cases in the area of weight determination. The model PRODAT CE-VK is a static rail scale weighing rail railed motionless vehicles. Model PRODAT CE-VD, conceived for in-motion measurements, features high accuracy and is highly qualified for fast weighing of clutched vehicles. ...

bogie test plant retrofitting - PRODAT DG RETROFIT

Teil eines Drehgestellprüfstands PRODAT offers bogie test plant retrofitting, replacements, enhancement or upgrades also for the bogie test plants of other companies. ...

brake force measurment - services

Vor Ort BremskraftmessungPRODAT brake force measurement service using PRODAT BKM solution is essential for many railway retrofitting processes ...

wheel load measurement - services

Vor Ort Radkraftmessung unter Nutzung von PRODAT RKM mobilWheel load measurements using PRODAT RKM-M (mobile) right at your factory or repair shop...

software development - services

SoftwareentwicklungSince formation PRODAT develops in this product branch custom-designed software. It has extensive experience in the areas of real time operation system development, compiler building, porting and software design. PRODAT always uses the newest development environments and tools to find fast, efficient cost effective solutions. Development and implementation accord to certified methods...

railcar corner load measurement - services

In order to help to ensure railcar safety worldwide, PRODATs newest addition to its quality and functional safety control and measurement system PRODAT EKM can be used to determine railcar corner loads ...

electronic and hardware design - services

Elektronik und HardwareentwicklungThrough PRODATs many individual projects there was the necessity of own hardware and electronic solutions. PRODAT also offers the service for its existing and potential new customers first of all in the development of new systems but also when existing plants need a retrofitting ...




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