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mobile wheel load measurement system

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The wheel load measurement system PRODAT RKM-M (mobile) is used to measure and check wheel load and wheel forces of railway vehicles. In difference to PRODATs builtin stationary systems, the mobile solution is a compromise between mobility, exactness and requirements of standards and specifications.


  • reliable steel construction
  • mobile system
  • easy to install
  • short setup time
  • can be carried by one or two workers
  • build up can also be done by one or two workers
  • protocol in accordance to DS 991, DIN 27201, TRF 00.14 or customer specific requirements

functional principle

The user installs the measurement system at the track by using the mechanical holders. When all parts are set, the system will be connected by wires or wirelessly with the measurement computer. PRODAT uses and provides very reliable, industrial laptops to face the harsh outdoor environment. The train drives up onto the measurement track and stops. Wheel load, axle weight and additional data is permanently measured. Therefore, settings at the train can be accomplished. In difference to PRODATs stationary systems (PRODAT RKM) measurement is done at the wheel flange. Collected data is stored and can be printed at anytime.


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